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Ta-Tum - Where Books Come Alive!Ta-Tum Tutorial Videos

You can always reference to these help videos should you have any additional questions.

Ta-Tum is user friendly:
Log In.
Easy to create your class or classes.
Select a book/s (Los Casos) from the digital library. Each book has a summary available.
Add your students (Los Detectives) to your class.
Select a welcome paragraph, activities and a test for your students or create your own.
Monitor your students' progress and results.
Personalize and upload your school's logo or your photo (Optional).
Online platform, no software download required.

Ta-Tum Tutorial Video

Ta-Tum Overall Presentation

Registration With A Demo Code

Student Registration And Linking (Joining) To A Class

Accessing The Library

How To Create A Class (Teachers)

How To Use Cases (Books) And Create Cases

Investigative Fishing (Activities - Pesquisas), Manage, Edit and Publish

Creating A Case For A Book Not In The Library

Library And Interface Options And Configuration


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