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Digital Spanish Textbooks

Accessing the digital platform is easy once you have purchased your digital license.
Simply follow these steps on your desktop or tablet:

You will be provided with a link and a license number to access the Edelvives platform for the digital title/s that you have purchased.

In order to access the platform, first you'll need to create a new individual user account or you can skip and sign in with your Google or Microsoft account.

Once you are signed in, you will be asked to enter your license number. This will activate your digital textbook and make the textbook App icon visible on your platform.
When the icon is visible, simply click on the icon to access your digital textbook and all of the educational resources that are included with your digital license.

Students and teachers will be able to access the digital textbook pages in full screen or flip (facsimil) format.
The digital license also includes the textbook activities which will be visible in the App.

Within your digital license there is also a download option where you can download a desktop version of all the digital content to use offline on a personal desktop computer.

The digital platform for the Teacher's License includes everything the student version does plus a teacher's guide. In addition to the teacher's guide there are digital modules and features which include units, activities, evaluations generator, scoring rubric evaluations, multimedia, homework, grading and more.
There is also a My Groups Interactive feature which are replicas of physical classrooms. Teachers can create classes (My Groups), add a reference image, and share a generated code with students so that everyone can take part in them. Students will always have the opportunity to log in even if absent from class and check on assignments, homework and teacher notes etc.

Spanish Textbooks Digital Platform

Spanish Textbooks Digital Platform
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