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Ta-Tum - Where Spanish Books Come Alive!

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Suggested List Price: $49.95
School Price: $39.95
You Save: $10.00 (20 %)
Publisher: Edelvives

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 Detective Zinca

Visit Ta-Tum Official Site by Editorial Edelvives!

Ta-Tum is a virtual literary gamified digital platform where Spanish books for elementary through high school come alive! Each license is per person for one year and is issued by Editorial Edelvives. Teacher's Dashboard License included at no additional charge.

Your students will become literary investigators and join detective characters Ciro, Axel, Zinca, Helena, Oto and Aristide from Escuela Avante. You will have access to a searchable library which comprises over 250 digital titles categorized by ages, genres, themes and content areas. To encourage reading each book becomes a case which students will have to solve. Cases are based on the topic of each book. Students will do some fun investigative fishing (Activities - Pesquisas) in order to solve each case. During the investigation students will earn points and medals, rescue characters and find objects that have gone missing as they enjoy reading. As the teacher, the boss of the literary investigation, you will have different tools like creating your own activities (Pesquisas) in addition to the ones already pre created in Ta-Tum and evaluating the progress of each student (Completed activities, points and medals earned, and quizzes.). You also have the ability to assign multiple groups (Los Equipos) of students according to their needs to the book the class is reading. By using the "Los Equipos" option teachers can assign customized activities within each book should different groups of students need higher or lower level activities. By creating multiple classes you are also able to use a combination of books if there are students with different reading levels or interests.

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There are over 250 titles in Ta-Tum which includes Authentic Spanish from Mexico, Spain and Argentina. There are also titles available in a neutral authentic (International) Spanish which is great for students from Latin American countries.
Also available are a few titles in English. Ta-tum contains an extensive digital library which can be considered as a separate feature and can be used as a stand-alone from the gamified platform. Students will always have the opportunity to access the digital library for independent reading and have the ability to read any book from the digital library without the need of using the gamified platform.The library is also accessible with the Ta-Tum App. 

Ta-Tum includes contemporary and classic authors Lope de Vega, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Ana Maria Machado, Federico García Lorca, Miguel de Cervantes, Benito Pérez Galdós, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe and
many more.
Click here
 to see a list of the digital titles included in Ta-Tum.

Ta-Tum is user friendly:
Log In.
Easy to create your class or classes.
Select a book/s (Los Casos) from the digital library. Each book has a summary available.
Add your students (Los Detectives) to your class.
Select a welcome paragraph, activities and a test for your students or create your own.
Monitor your students' progress and results.
Personalize and upload your school's logo or your photo (Optional).
Online platform, no software download required.

If you are an educator in the United States and would like a demo access code to preview Ta-Tum, please Contact Us with your school faculty email so that we may send you your access code.
(Please note, we are unable to send access codes to nonfaculty personal email addresses.)
Detective Axel

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